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And this is where Fran and Jen learn to use their new Heidelberg

January 18, 2010

Oh, the joy of leaning over a giant machine that has the potential to crush my hands and create such beauty!

I think I felt joy. It might have been panic. In any case, I felt some sort of feeling while leaning over the New Press. Karl (the previous owner) had explained, really clearly, the 1,000 things to know – why couldn’t I remember them?? Knobs, pulls, blades, grippers, clutch levers, friskets, sucker bars, rollers, toggles, gears, pins, springs… they all seemed to get tangled up in my mind.

Oh, so tangled!

Just like a rat king.

That’s what happens when the tail of one thought gets covered in feces and the tail of another thought gets stuck to it… and the tail of another thought gets stuck to the other thoughts. It’s all very messy and usually ends up in some Dutch chimney.

Anyway, here’s a snippet of our lesson:


Mrs. Meyers, Goof-Off and 2,500 pounds of love

January 5, 2010

So we made it back from that barren wasteland. Just kidding, Brainerd – You know I love you. In the Summer. With the lights off.

As soon as I got home I checked to make sure the water pipes hadn’t burst AND THEN I shined up the new press. Oh, I also made sure the cat was alive. You never know, she has a tendency to fall into vats of oil and get her tail chopped off.

That’s what the press looks like – and I always play that song when I gaze upon it.

0°, Hydraulics and a Hair Dryer

January 1, 2010

Why is it that the one time I leave my house something awesome happens?? Jack drove the Heidelberg Windmill down from Wahpeton, North Dakota this morning. Drove it right down to our fancy studio.

I’m in Brainerd not running around the house in my underwear and Jen is back at ZP headquarters. Who knew (Jack the mover knew) that the press was going to be delivered TODAY? Apparently, the hydraulic part of the pallet jack (not Jack the mover) didn’t love the 0°. I guess it was frozen and I’m no expert but that seems like a setback. Jen called me wondering where she could find a hair dryer. I don’t know why she wanted to style her hair but I’m not going to judge. Apparently, Jen’s beautiful hair did the trick because the new press is safe and sound in the SW corner of the shop.

Mr. Heidelberg… you RASCAL!

November 22, 2009

If all goes according to my master plan, 2,500 pounds of love will soon be mine.

2,500 pounds…

That’s one of these:

Or two of him:

Are you intrigued??

Go HERE to find out more!

OR, just watch right here if you’re too lazy to go all the way to YouTube: