Airplane Safety Card

The trip to the Cape always begins with studying the airplane safety card.
When we land alive, I kiss the filthy airport carpeting and raise my fists in the air in triumph.
The drive from Boston to the Cape included a pit-stop for newborn-sized burritos and an impromptu visit to a little stationery store in Hingham called social graces – adorable! This just proves my theory that Hingham has newborn-sized burritos and little stationery stores.
The Cape is paradise, as usual – except for the E. coli outbreak – that’s Electronic coli. We had to boil our water – it reminded me of Mexico – without the drug mules. And everything else.
To be continued…

8 Responses to “Airplane Safety Card”

  1. andreasanow Says:

    How’d you know I love head stones so much?

  2. Fred Says:

    I like those photo’s.

  3. zeichenpress Says:

    Andrea! Stop it! …Are we related?

  4. zeichenpress Says:

    Fred- Thanks! It’s hard to take a bad photo out here–

  5. keithcorcoran Says:

    cemeteries are cool. as long as you’re not under one i guess.

    i tend to go overboard with my hand made personal cemetary each year at halloween.

  6. Leo Says:

    Ah the Cape. Wash down some no-doz with Jolt cola for me. Also, as you drive around, try not to giggle when you get to the town of Dennis and the sign that welcomes you says “Entering Dennis.” Hi, I’m Dennis.

  7. andreasanow Says:

    Leo is my favorite.

  8. zeichenpress Says:

    Leo! How can I NOT giggle as I enter Dennis? — Remember the magic Chips Ahoy cookies?? That really happened, right??

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