Lord of the Letterpress Flies

I remember some sort of  Mexican-standoff In an early apartment that involved my roommate, dirty dishes and refried beans. Neither of us wanted to do the dishes and so they were stacked, teetering on the counter – pots and plates on top of other pots and plates – the bottom of the pile forgotten like a lost tribe. My roommate, a vegetarian, had a particular pot that she favored for heating her refried beans – she used this day after day until one day it was forgotten – and the pot joined the pile. But not before she filled it with water, she believed in the pre-soak method. I’m not sure how much time passed – a forensic scientist would be able to determine that based on the evidence in the kitchen.

One morning (or was it afternoon?) I discovered something disturbing: the kitchen windows alive with hundreds of flies. I don’t remember either of us being overly surprised. I do remember having to do the dishes in the bathtub.
There are no dirty dishes in the shop and certainly no vegetarians – and yet, I awoke to the same disturbing scene: windows alive with flies. The only conclusion that makes any sense has something to do with the devil. I’d like to believe that our printing projects aren’t evil but I guess I can’t be the judge of that.
Oh, by the way: Before the flies, I finished those prints for Room & Board:


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4 Responses to “Lord of the Letterpress Flies”

  1. Auntie Lynn Says:

    You sure do get me laughing girl! You really should take up writing as a 3rd career (1. motherhood, 2.printer and 3. writer !)

  2. Steve Rush Says:

    Using any “green” wash up materials like veggie oil? Flies might like your washup rags if so.

  3. zeichenpress Says:

    Auntie Lynn! You are too sweet!
    Hugs and kisses from Cape Cod — your favorite niece, Fran

  4. zeichenpress Says:

    Steve- smart guess – but no green wash-up is used around here-we believe in harsh and toxic chemicals.

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