Mr. Heidelberg… you RASCAL!

If all goes according to my master plan, 2,500 pounds of love will soon be mine.

2,500 pounds…

That’s one of these:

Or two of him:

Are you intrigued??

Go HERE to find out more!

OR, just watch right here if you’re too lazy to go all the way to YouTube:


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4 Responses to “Mr. Heidelberg… you RASCAL!”

  1. Murray Says:

    Very cool Fran.

  2. Mary jeanne Says:

    Cars can’t make you laugh while they do bed pull-ups. I hope it’s twins of that fella. And I hope you invite me over for workouts.

  3. kmc Says:

    ha ha HA!

  4. Matt Says:

    hey… I just acquired a 1959 windmill myself. All 2500lbs of it. Now I just need to figure out how to move it and where to move it to… oh and how the hell to work it. Details, details. Congrats!

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