About Fran Shea

Good Morning. 

I’d like someone to sculpt my likeness out of butter.

This kitchen is suspect.

16 Responses to “About Fran Shea”

  1. hivine Says:

    my neighbour Willo will carve you out of butter – she sculpted me out of iceing sugar and also Jack Straw – although not out of straw as in Wizard of Oz, although that might have been more fitting. What kind of butter – watch out that is a leading psycholgical question? Not trying to butter you up but you look like you have a good face to sculpt, but do you really want to end up on a slice of toast ?

  2. MLP Says:

    I’m pretty sure Billy sculpts you out of butter every time he has pancakes.

  3. jim Says:

    Cute. Creative. Nice. Wish I could be so, so.

  4. zeichenpress Says:

    Aww, shucks.

  5. glenn house, sr. Says:

    if i knew how to stalk, you’d be it.

  6. Paaaat Says:

    Oh, no! Not another carving out of butter, Fran. You remember the last time? The maple syrup; The troupe of asian acrobats; The Champaign; The pancakes (all those pancakes!); The police and the high speed chase?

    Brad Pitt will never speak to either of us again!

    Don’t do it Fran! For god sakes!

  7. zeichenpress Says:

    Oh, but I must. I must.

  8. COME-N-GIT YER LETTERPRESS « Is that funny? Says:

    […] it’ll be ME, JEN, MR. BEN LEVITZ … and I’m sure he’s got some sort of gun-toting design […]

  9. Munz Says:

    #49 on the list
    i had to see what ya blog was about..
    i love it..
    peace to you and yours!

  10. Rich Says:

    Salted or unsalted?

  11. zeichenpress Says:

    Salted. Of course.

  12. Card Chick Groupie Says:

    I did already. Princess Kay of the Milky Way ain’t got nuthin’ on you. But, you are so petite, there was only enough to slather 3 bagels.

  13. D. Says:

    Hey Fran,
    Would you consider adding your blog to bloglovin.com? It’s free. It’s a place where a person can follow all of their blogs from one spot.

  14. tim Says:

    So my son has this dream of making cards for Trader Joe’s – in particular, a July 4 card (as seen here http://loqu8.com/july4_darker.png). Do you know if there is just one TJ card person? Is there one in every store?

  15. zeichenpress Says:

    tim- That’s very sweet!

  16. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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