Airplane Safety Card (continued)

After a harrowing day at the beach, I had to stop into the Brewster General Store

to check out their card selection – one thing is clear: they might have enough rubber lobsters but they do need some letterpress from Minnesota. I will see what I can do about that.

A day at the beach always includes:

That poor thing has been around for such a long time.


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8 Responses to “Airplane Safety Card (continued)”

  1. Mike Day Says:

    Thanks, I needed that!


  2. Ben Says:

    The glow filter on that sand bucket makes it look like the Holy Grail. Awesome!

  3. zeichenpress Says:

    It IS the Holy Grail of buckets!

  4. Alice Shea Says:

    I LOVE that bucket.

  5. Steve Nartowicz Says:

    Hmmm, Brewster…were you at Sandy Neck beach, perhaps?

  6. zeichenpress Says:

    I know!! I love it, too!!

  7. zeichenpress Says:

    Barnstable! You can see Sandy Neck behind the kids in the second picture–

  8. Steve Nartowicz Says:

    Sweet! I love it there! I live in Western Mass. but haven’t been out to the cape in over 10 years, need to do it soon!

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