The morning coffee brought big news:
Swimmers spotted four Great White Sharks on the beach in Chatham. Wait, let me be clear: Not ON the beach – in the water. Swimming around … and around … and around. Some would call that circling – orbiting their prey, slowly moving in for the flesh-ripping, limb-tearing, feeding-frenzy. But I’m not here to give sharks bad press – that’s already been done – I’m just trying to help you, the reader, understand the everyday danger that is my life. I risk it all to bring you, the reader, a good story.
So, off we went up the coast. Past Chatham, to Wellfleet. Wellfleet, where there is no swimming ban. God forbid we miss a beach day because the “Coast Guard” spotted some 14′ sharks. The Atlantic called us and it would be rude to ignore the call – we had to dive right into the water like good-natured guests.
A seal joined us – not more than 15 feet from shore. If he were walking on land he’d be limping… I don’t know what that’s called in the water. Drowning?
Oh, Seal! Do you remember our meeting last year? I do. It was magical. Last year, I had to swim ever so far – my legs dangled 100 feet above the ocean floor – they were like little noodles hanging off the end of a fork, ready to be swallowed up by the sharks. This year, you bob seductively near shore… it would be effortless to get to you. But I won’t do it because I am sensible and also I saw this
hovering overhead. A sure sign that somebody is looking for sharks. I said, LOOKING FOR SHARKS. We decided that building sand castles is pretty fun.


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8 Responses to “SHARK!!!”

  1. Lynda Campbell Says:

    OMG alert. That would have gotten my attention big time. We used to go to Wellfleet every summer when my girls were younger, now 30, 28 and 22. I enjoy your take on life…reminds me of my middle daughter’s musings:

  2. isleswriter Says:

    Are you joking that you went swimming?? Fran!! In the name of Catholic sashimi-don’t!


  3. zeichenpress Says:

    Of course I’m not joking-you know I’m a daredevil. A delicious daredevil.

  4. Steve Nartowicz Says:

    I remember going to the Cape after ‘Jaws’ came out…I couldn’t believe how many people stayed on dry land at the beaches – and that wasn’t even a real shark!!

  5. zeichenpress Says:

    Lynda – Isn’t Wellfleet beautiful? Sharks can’t even keep me away. I love your middle daughter’s blog – so sweet.

  6. zeichenpress Says:

    Steve- that’s so funny! I think I’ll re-watch that movie now…

  7. Steve Nartowicz Says:

    Fran –
    Not sure if you’ve seen this…from one end of the food chain to the other!

  8. Michelle Says:

    YIKES! Luckily Mr. Limpy the Seal would have taken the hit . . .

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