Wellfleet, Massachusetts

A Minneapolis woman dove into the icy Atlantic Monday morning in an attempt to “meet a seal”.
Assuring onlookers that the attempt was an “act of diplomacy” she swam a distance of approximately 50 yards using a stroke known as the Dog-Paddle. She met the 350 pound Harbor Seal unaware that the top of her two-piece bathing swimsuit had become untied and dropped to her waist. The woman is reported to have said that the seal reacted to the introduction like “some sort of wild animal” … “His flippers were all over me.”



  1. Sarah Langer Says:

    Is “woman” code for you, fran? It looks beautiful on your beach. You’re so tanned. Hope you are all well. can’t wait to hear all kinds of fun stories and what not when you get back!

  2. Card Trick Groupie Says:

    Lookin’ good! When you are in my time zone, I expect a visit, though!

  3. zeichenpress Says:

    Card Groupie!! Didn’t I tell you to meet us on the Cape!!??

  4. SHARK!!! « Is that funny? Says:

    […] I don’t know what that’s called in the water. Drowning? Oh, Seal! Do you remember our meeting last year? I do. It was magical. Last year, I had to swim ever so far – my legs dangled 100 feet above […]

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