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Is letterpress too classy for you?

April 14, 2010

It might be. I’m going to have to credit Martha Stewart with sparking the mainstream revival of the craft. Everyone settle down. If Martha and I ever met (someday on NBC 11:00AM CST) I would burst into tears. She’d slap me across the face and tell me to get ahold of myself. Oh, Martha! You always know just what to do!

Zeichen Press has designed and printed it’s share of wedding related invitations – and we’re pretty certain that gives us some sort of carbon-neutral status. How? It’s pretty complicated – something to do with joy and decency neutralizing our usual gaucheness.


Hi, zeichenpress. Martha Stewart is following your tweets on Twitter.

April 2, 2010

Oh, Martha Stewart!

I wish I could believe that you were following Zeichen Press on Twitter because of the recycled Panko Japanese Style Breading box/press kit I sent you last August…

Or because of the letterpress art print I sent you last October…

Or the baby I sent you last November…

Sankyou Panko Japanese Style Breading (box)

August 12, 2009

“How can we be expected to teach children to read when they can’t even fit inside the building?” -Derek Zoolander

It turns out that Panko Japanese Style Breading boxes are the perfect size for my Press (kit) Boxes! It’s true. Now my family will enjoy breaded EVERYTHING for the next two weeks. Breaded meat, breaded not-meat, breaded bread… YUMMY! 


Press Box ClosedPress Box Open

The boxes have been turned inside-out, printed on, and stuffed with a variety of cards. I might sprinkle extra breading in for packing… We’ll see.

I’d say that I’m sending them to my favorite magazines but that’s not entirely true. Bass Master, Muslim Girl, and Quick Quilts didn’t make the cut. Who did? Oprah and Martha. And others. I think Oprah and Martha should combine forces… The masses would kneel before them. I’d totally be first in line – me and Gail. Oh, and Stedman.