I’ve heard that some people use their kitchen table FOR EATING.

The squirrel came back again – this time looking for Fig Newtons.

Maybe if people (me) remember to shut the back door she wouldn’t think I was inviting her in for lunch. After I waved goodbye (screamed hysterically and jumped up on a chair) I had time to use the table for other things. : Project photographs for the new website!

I am tempted to leave my door open to see what other wildlife will enter my kitchen.



5 Responses to “Seriously??!”

  1. isleswriter Says:


  2. Muzz Says:

    Dang bears.

  3. MLP Says:

    Your kitchen is really cute. What did you do with the bear?

  4. zeichenpress Says:

    Oh, he moved in – there was an empty bunk in the boys room since Dylan moved out.

  5. Michelle Says:

    The bear and the squirrel were after my snappy thumb-pull cards! Thanks to your quick thinking intern for getting them to me (and away from marauding wildlife!)

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