Letterpress in Minneapolis

Sunday: The Corpus Christi procession brought oodles of the Devout through Loring Park – all busses were rerouted and the Minneapolis Police department was on high alert for any shenanigans. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional as the church bell solemnly rang out and I watched Barb perform CPR on my husband.

Tuesday: Our new intern (Andrea Sanow) showed up with the enthusiasm of a 22 year old girl. We love her – and we’re not just saying that because she reads the blog and is, like, the strangest mix of a Type A Personality¬†and totally laid back. What?! It’s true. Thanks to her, I got so much done: Here are the Room & Board prints in color:


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5 Responses to “Letterpress in Minneapolis”

  1. isleswriter Says:

    I love the prints in color! It was my idea. No it wasn’t. I just said that to bring it all back to me.

    Laughing at the video too.

    Wasn’t I supposed to be your intern? I am a curious mix too…..

    FRAN! Punch in the arm.

  2. zeichenpress Says:


  3. Card Chick Groupie Says:

    Wow, who knew the Card Chicks looked so cool in B&W! I wish I was your intern. Didn’t I seem like good intern material? I am distraught at being passed over. What’s a Groupie to do?

  4. zeichenpress Says:

    You are our long-distance intern!! We love you the most!!

  5. MadgeMc Says:

    I say it’s intern age-discrimination. I thought I was a candidate. Balls.
    And how did I miss a procession of The Devout?!

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