Is letterpress too classy for you?

It might be. I’m going to have to credit Martha Stewart with sparking the mainstream revival of the craft. Everyone settle down. If Martha and I ever met (someday on NBC 11:00AM CST) I would burst into tears. She’d slap me across the face and tell me to get ahold of myself. Oh, Martha! You always know just what to do!

Zeichen Press has designed and printed it’s share of wedding related invitations – and we’re pretty certain that gives us some sort of carbon-neutral status. How? It’s pretty complicated – something to do with joy and decency neutralizing our usual gaucheness.



6 Responses to “Is letterpress too classy for you?”

  1. alli c. Says:

    love the musical choice; suggesting that the way she “moves” may be helped with more fiber.

  2. Curmudgeon Says:

    Glad this isn’t scratch and sniff.

  3. Card Chick Groupie Says:

    I would hope that YOU would be the one doing the face-slapping, Card Chick. But then, I AM your Groupie and not a fan of Martha Stewart, an elitist snob who hates the ‘little guy’. Since she is local news to me, I get to read about it every time she cuts someone off, recklessly almost kills a pedestrian, curses at them as part of the bargain, yada yada. Um no, I am not her groupie – or fan.

  4. zeichenpress Says:

    Card Chick Groupie! Don’t be bitter! The Queen of Domesticity doesn’t have time to look in her rearview mirrors OR care about a pedestrian! If she did have time, I would never learn how to turn my sweatpants into a classy hoodie!

  5. Madge McInerny Says:

    Where’s your “like” button. Hi-larious.

  6. isleswriter Says:

    You are far too classy for me. And letterpress frightens me. I will continue to use sponges and fingerpaint to make my “cards.” The nurse said it’s good for my rehabilitation.

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