Here’s the part about salvaging letterpress equipment:

People (my mom) always (whenever she feigns interest) ask me, “where do you get this stuff?” Type, cabinets, printer’s cuts, ink, chases, quoins, sticks, cutters, furniture, leads, slugs, tympan, rollers… letterpress takes up a lot more space than this tidy little laptop. I wonder if that’s one of the reasons people stopped using it? I doubt it. I think heavy, huge and filthy is really practical.

Jen and I both agreed that our favorite salvaging-situation involved a compulsive hoarder with a murder/torture-pit (alleged) in his basement. This house had it all; two commercial espresso machines:

two Kluge Printing Presses:

(just in case you’re wondering: TWO Kluge Printing presses are massive and would look like this if not covered in books, dvd’s, televisions, kleenex boxes, grocery bags, magazines and mail):

a family-style restaurant booth: (this suspiciously barricaded the basement door)

dozens of old computers: (so sentimental)

a letterpress “library”:

“stackable” type cabinets: (we took these)

and this:

and this:

Oh, here’s a fun game:

Can you find the treasure in this photographic vignette?:

How about here?:


Oh, well. Enough of the sweet, sweet memories. Here’s part of our latest salvage:

I better go write some cards to pay for it.


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13 Responses to “Here’s the part about salvaging letterpress equipment:”

  1. pat Says:

    Do you find yourself eerily comfortable in these surroundings?

  2. zeichenpress Says:


  3. Jules Says:

    Or open a museum and charge an admission fee. I’ll come.

  4. Murray Says:


  5. gary Says:


    From Experience: Two Kluge 12x18s side by side takes up the same amount of space as one 1967 Plymouth Fury 2 four door sedan with curb feelers and Continental Kit swiped from Jim Diamond Cadillac, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, suspension lowered and top “chopped”.

    Now, are two Kluges worth this luxurious rolling gangstermobile and ersatz interstate aircraft carrier? Depends what part of town you cruise. Or how low your fender skirts are on your Kluge(s).

  6. Card Chick Groupie Says:

    I liked the dartboard. Another hidden tgreasure?

  7. zeichenpress Says:

    A paper drill! Only the trained eye can spot such a treasure. That’s why the compulsive hoarder/murderer (alleged) had to point it out to us. Jen and I were too busy fearing for our lives.

  8. zeichenpress Says:

    Gary, these two Kluges sat side by side in the furthest (scariest) part of that basement. Supposedly, the owner/hoarder/murderer (alleged) dug out an addition in his basement and before the wall was completed he had these lowered in by crane. What the??

  9. Matthew Davis Says:

    Is that a first of Farnham’s Freehold in the picture on top of the Kludge? If so, that’s such a shame.

  10. Michael Seitz Says:

    I take it you couldn’t save the Kluges–too bad I guess. Nice score on the wood type (envy, envy : < P).

  11. zeichenpress Says:

    No – no Kluges for us – they looked like monsters. I wonder how he ended up getting them out of there.

  12. Bolanka Says:

    Thank you. I liked your site very much. You have been telling about nice subjects…

  13. Maria Morales Says:

    I am a student at Southern Middle School in Lexington, Ky and I am competing in a national competition at the end of June. I would like to use the picture in a collage that I am making for a graphic design. May I have your permission to use this picture? Please e-mail my instructor, Staci Davis, at with permissions.

    Thank you,

    Maria Morales

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