My very special night at Maiden Minnesota

What a night! First, I was paper-bagged by my girlfriends and THEN I was handed a glass of wine and a sack full of pencils.

We were greeted by a wall of women at the The Grave’s Hotel – I was frightened at first – it was like a giant bridal shower. I always feel awkward at bridal showers. This is going to surprise some people but I’m just not really a girly-girl.


I said it.

I can’t walk in heels and I have no idea what to do with make-up or hair. My casual wardrobe may as well be borrowed from the Cloggy’s Friday Night Karaoke Ladies. The CFNKL. What are you saying??

Settle down.

matthew maconahay-diddle-diddleANOTHER public restroom photo!

See?? I told you I looked like Matthew McConaughey!! Weird, right? Anyway, that’s me in the Starbuck’s bathroom after the event – special thanks to Jim Peterson for identifying the bathroom for me.

But who’s that in the bathroom with you, Fran? Well, silly, that’s my bathroom friend!

Okay, onto the vendors at the event. What event? Hush. Illume Candles was there – spreading their joy through the scented candle. We’re printing their holiday card again this year. They’ll pay us in candle currency which they assured us is just as good as real money. Let’s see… then there was some stationery vendor… forgot the name… it wasn’t us… so I didn’t care… And lastly, Foat Design. They do urban couture and yoga wear. I chatted with one of the owners – A nice gal who claims to have a twin in San Francisco. I’m not buying it, I bet she made up the whole “twin thing” to get away with crime.



2 Responses to “My very special night at Maiden Minnesota”

  1. Lucia Says:

    Ah Fran! Good times!!! Hahahahaaaaa. My well-documented paranoia was only heightened when you and you Bathroom Friend (is that what the kids call it) went into the bathroom WITHOUT ME!

    “We were just going to the bathroom.”

    Sure, and Richard Nixon had no enemies! I’ve got my eye on you, Fran.

    Just remember, it’s a slippery slope from paper-bagging to water-boarding.


  2. kmc Says:

    Oh dear…you do look like Matthew Mc. I didn’t see it before, except from the waist down. Didn’t we waterboard her, too?

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