So veneer yet so far

I’m gonna letterpress print on wood veneer.


People have done it and lived to tell the tale. It’s a risk – it’s a little bit like the 4th or 5th moon-landing. I know, I know… I can hear your cries, “don’t do it, Fran! The risk is too great… Think of your children! Why do you have to be so goddamn beautiful?!” What? I thought that’s what I heard.



3 Responses to “So veneer yet so far”

  1. ampersand duck Says:

    Wow, I’ve just had a glass artist in to deboss type into wood veneer using our Albion… we found that we had to dampen the veneer ever so slightly and blot it before it swelled too much, and then it gave the most exquisite print that could only be seen at certain angles. When you got the angle right, the words (in a robust compressed sans serif) sang out at you. I don’t know how the hell she’s going to light it to capture the effect in an exhibition.

    Of course, you’re printing on the surface, not trying to bite into it, so your prints will be three kinds of wonderful in other ways!

  2. zeichenpress Says:

    Good to know about the dampening – did you use oil based ink?

  3. ampersand duck Says:

    Nah, no ink at all, just impression. I don’t think you’ll need to dampen to print with inks. We finally came to the conclusion that if we do it again, we’ll get softwood veneers made, because most veneers use fairly hard wood — for obvious reasons, you want a veneer to weather well. Softwood veneers would take the impression much better, I’d say.

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