Life is really going to change

No more casual afternoons at Starbucks. No more sidewalk cafes. No more days at the park with the kids. No more walking down the sidewalk with a kid on my shoulders while sipping a Starbucks Latte while going to the sidewalk cafe from the park.

Not any more. Because we’re celebrities. I know, I know – don’t worry – I’ll still make me-time. 

If you are living in a well, you might not have heard that Zeichen Press was proclaimed Best of Show by -my new favorite- magazine: Do It Yourself 

Your ice cream is melting!

With the magazine in her hands and a cart full of groceries, Jen called me. She called me over the loudspeaker. I was in the frozen foods section and she ordered me to get myself to Lane 7. I did as I was told and Thank God because Jen was being dragged away by security – I got there in the nick of time, explaining that we were on a “living on your own” outing and I’d be taking her right back to the group home as soon as we bagged her groceries.


Okay, here’s a sneak peak into the magazine – go and get your very own copy and don’t forget to buy some of our goddamn holiday cards.



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4 Responses to “Life is really going to change”

  1. Tina Lee Says:

    Congrats! That is pretty cool.

  2. Auntie Lynn Miller Says:

    Fran and Jen, I must be one of only a handful who have not heard of this magazine. Anyway, John and I are happy for the two of you and so grateful that you graced us with your prensence at our Anniversary party last Saturday!

  3. Truly... Says:

    Whoo hoo Fran and Jen!

    I love this magazine and was super excited to see you featured in there and some of our other vendors!

    Now I’m off to place another order… ; )


  4. Card Chick Groupie Says:

    Well, it’s about time the rest of the world caught up. Trendsetter that I am, I proclaimed you Best in Show (and the world) nearly 3 years ago on the day you took me by storm. It was love at first sight when I saw the ‘I Hate You I Always Have’ card.

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