Will I win the Nobel Peace Prize?


Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t broker peace between nations. I’m no Dalai Lama. I’m no Barack Obama. I’m just kidding about that second one  –  I just wanted something to rhyme with Dalai Lama. Wait, what? Barack Obama really did win the Nobel Peace Prize? Oops. My bad.

It’s hard, toiling away, day after day – trying to make this crazy planet just a little bit cheerier. Ghandi knows how I feel. 

Do you know this man?

Alfred"Alfie" Nobel

What would Fran do?


ANYWAY. I wrote some new cards. Perhaps, one day, they will bring peace to war-torn countries…




PSST, is this my birthday party or my funeral?



Great. My parents just got home.


Nice package.

I hope she likes thoughts that count.




I’ll celebrate Christmas however I damn well please.

I’ll celebrate Christmas however I damn well please.



The Christmas concert would be her chance for revenge.
I just love you.
I’m Christmas Stalking you.
On the good china!
The strong would survive the winter.
The weak would, of course, be eaten.
The gifts don’t count       themselves.
Thank you for your support.



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One Response to “Will I win the Nobel Peace Prize?”

  1. Lucia Says:

    HAHHAHAHHA. Fran, I laughed. Then of course I cried.

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