Best In Show

I was always jealous of those farm kids at the State Fair.

Barefoot and confident, covered in dust – their coveralls did indeed coverall, catching every drip of ice cream, every drop of grease. I imagined that they slept right on the hay bales that penned off their milking goats – what a life! Their blue-ribbon proudly pinned for all the Fair-Goers to see. And The City Kids lined up to milk their goats! Why can’t I have a goat? Why can’t I run around the fair barefoot – ringworm be damned! 

I guess that DIY story is coming together – one of the writers called me on my telephone… I kept telling her everything was “off the record” – she seemed confused. I can’t just open myself up to the public – I’m not some sort of Austrian Cave

They did ask me to create Headlines for the other “Best In Show” categories. I wanted to do them in macaroni but they reminded me that I own a design and letterpress studio – not a design and macaroni studio. Now I feel like a missed the boat on that concept. I’ve seen blue ribbons on macaroni art at The Fair, or was that Crop Art?

Lillian Colton/Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society Press

Lillian Colton/Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society Press

Here are some of the headlines they asked for:




Oh, they also wanted some blue ribbons:

Blue Ribbons!


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