Seven Pounds is the name of the movie not the weight of my head

About a jillion years ago, I was contacted by some Hollywood set designer – she wanted to know if I had extra letterpress “JUNK JUNK JUNK” for a new movie starring Rosario Dawson and Will Smith.



Trembling, I clutched my Fresh Prince of Bel Air collection to my chest and replied, “Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, I could Fed Ex some stuff to you guys – I won’t charge extra for the dust.” (Followed by cool and knowing laughter). What a comfortable rapport! I was talking TO Hollywood. Maybe they’d ask me to audition for the movie! The movie… Maybe Rosario Dawson needed an understudy… or a body double?

We could be twins!



I asked the set designer when they’d like to fly me out, explaining that my schedule was flexible enough to accommodate movie- shoots, sightseeing, and pool-parties. She told me she’d have her people call my people. ANYWAY, it turns out they were able to pull the set together without my JUNK JUNK JUNK and Rosario politely declined my offer — we’re still totally friends.

So I finally watched The Movie last night. Ummm, Will Smith can fix my press anytime.

Is that my review? Is that all I have to say? … Uhh, Rosario was convincingly ill and I bawled like a baby. There. Happy??

OH, and the garage-studio was super cute and perfect.

PS: Strangely, Rosario’s character ALSO nicknamed her press The Beast. What?! 


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2 Responses to “Seven Pounds is the name of the movie not the weight of my head”

  1. ampersand duck Says:

    She called it the beast because you call it the beast. That’s why they originally rang you… it’s an act of homage 🙂

    I would so love to see that movie with a cinema full of printers so that my snorting guffaws and sighs weren’t so weird in all the letterpress bits. I wish Will Smith was coming to fix my press next week instead of ‘Wolfie’. I’ve never met Wolfie but I bet he’s not as gorgeous as WS. Or Rosario Dawson.

  2. Card Trick Groupie Says:

    How did you get hooked up with a big time movie company. You must have some powerful friends, Fran.

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