Grandmas don’t read HOW and they certainly do NOT read SWISS  MISS but they DO read Better Homes and Gardens. You know, BHG? See how I just dropped that abbrev? Grandma would thumb through the fashion and gossip mags at the checkout but like any good homemaker she would add the BHG to her cart. If she was feeling particular sassy, she’d throw in the DIY magazine (brought to you by the good people at BHG).

Oh, DIY! You know Martha Stewart (PS: Martha, I DO want to see how you hay your fields) reads you under the covers with a flashlight – praying that Alexis doesn’t march into the room and flip on the soft-and-natural light. 

DIY magazine is doing a story on handmade goods – a “Best in Show” collection of the various craft shows around the country. We’ll be featured in the “Printed and Pressed” spread. Mmmm, printed and pressed… that makes me want a panini. Here are some photos – we can’t decide, although I think #4 tells a good story. Sometimes I go into the shop at night and Jen is just standing there like that. Shudder.

Jen and Fran must be happy.Jen and Fran seem so content.

Fran with hand gun. Is Jen evil?scary-jen-and-fran-photosho

ONE MORE! (I photoshopped a smile on Jen’s face):

Jen is smiling.


8 Responses to “GRANDMA!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME??!!”

  1. Madge! Says:

    The media mogul. Surely, Martha will be next.
    My fave is #1–good lighting, nice color and neither of you looks crazy. Nice cover up.
    #2 nice, but WTF were you looking at? The spanish speaking dog?
    #3 Here is the church and here is the steeple. . . Fun coming through. But again WTF was Jen looking at?
    #4. Texas Chainsaw Letterpress? Nuff said.
    #5. I think there is a bra story to be told here.

    I remain,
    your favorite client,

  2. zeichenpress Says:

    My bra or Jen’s bra?? She’s gonna punch me for including those last two pictures.

  3. glenn house sr Says:

    You guys are terrif! May your tribes increase. glenn the printer (sometimes).

  4. mjprevost Says:

    Yay! Congrats! Can’t wait to pick up a copy and tell people “I emailed her!”

    When are you going to join Twitter? The world needs daily doses of Fran, not these onesie-twosie posts a week!


  5. zeichenpress Says:

    I am SO on twitter. Well, sort of:

  6. Card Chicks Groupie Says:

    Great pictures, Fran. Although my recollection is that Jen did smile when we met by chance ‘lo those many moons ago. Perhaps it was me. I’d like to think I bring out the smiles in the Card Chicks.

    The Card Chicks are the hottest babes in the faucetless arctic tundra and beyond. I miss you guys so much. And look at Printer Glenn comparing you to Abu Ben Adam. I think “Abu Ben Adam, may his tribe increase” is from a poem. I pulled it out of a hat almost 30 years ago in a Charades game; I’d never heard of that dude. The Card Chicks ROCK!

    Your Groupie

  7. MLP Says:

    I like #4 best but it’s a shame Jen didn’t get with the “Charlie’s Angels” motif.

  8. Best In Show « Is that funny? Says:

    […] guess that DIY story is coming together – one of the writers called me on my telephone… I kept telling her […]

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