Won’t you be my neighbor?

Hot Plate‘s Mexican Omelette was again sending me messages. Who am I to ignore them? I just do what I’m told. Exhausted from my outing earlier in the week, I had my husband drive our team of horses. I was cozy warm because I stuffed hot potatoes in my pants. While I devoured my second Mexican Omelette of the week I chatted with owner, Carrie Lewis. She told me a tale. A tale that reminded me of how dark the human soul can be… a tale of the flawed nature of humanity. I openly wept as she told me the tale of her passive aggressive  neighbors. And as I sipped my 9th delicious latte, I formulated a plan: I would counter the negativity directed at The Best Restaurant on the South Side by channeling the Prince of Peace, Mr. Rogers. Who better to handle bad neighborhood joojoo than him? I can think of no one. I have created this card and will be making a plate asap. Reserve one (or five) today because they will be selling faster than Hot Plate’s pumpkin pancakes.

Hi neighbor!


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4 Responses to “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

  1. katie Says:

    Yes I will! Yes you can!

  2. Lucia Says:

    Now I want a Mexican omelet. Damn you Fran. Next I’ll be having Crisco by the spoonful.

  3. zeichenpress Says:

    Mmmmmmmm, Crisco…

  4. wingnut Says:

    You’re really funny. These cards are great.

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