No karaoke at the VFW

Last Sunday, the basement of the Uptown VFW became home to the i Like You craft fair. The Uptown VFW seems to be three floors of basement. Wait, that’s every VFW. The water-stained, drop ceiling has soaked in more than 50 years of delicious cigarette smoke. The vinyl, accordion fold wall was straight out of my grandparent’s house. I felt like having a poached egg or a ham salad sandwich. Oh, the VFW… so similar to the church basement. Or maybe a bomb shelter. A bomb shelter with awesome junk in it. I recently spent an evening in a VFW for the karaoke portion of a friend’s birthday party. Again, we were in the basement but I swear we didn’t go downstairs. I knew the night was over when I saw this:

I won’t say whose leg that body was attached to. That’s a silent shame she must carry to her grave. Note the glass of water I kindly placed by her body. But enough about nighttime VFW! Here are some photos I took of the Daytime VFW: (I’m not sure why the leg insists on being a part of my daytime gallery…)


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5 Responses to “No karaoke at the VFW”

  1. Chris the Vanilla Thrilla Milla Says:

    What a poignant post. We see the tragedy of what VFW’s can do to flip-flopped women, yet at the same time we’re reminded of our better nature, via the anonymously-placed water glass. Bravo. “Time” cover material, definitely.

    PS- Did you get my email or what. This is your cousin.

  2. zeichenpress Says:

    Ah, haha! Hey, I did get your e-mail and started to read your story but must demand a printed copy. My eyes are protesting. Come on, don’t be stingy. Fork it over.

  3. Chris the Vanilla Thrilla Milla Says:

    I would think you’d have already laid the type and cranked out a thousand copies, already. What kind of press company are you.

    Yes, reading it on a monitor can drive you batty (especially the footnotes). I’ve got a version printed off that i can drop off sometime, holla. In the meantime, ponder the cryptic meaning of of antagonist Alucard’s name. Hint, reverse spelling.

  4. zeichenpress Says:

    Oooh! I’m all a tingle with the anticipation of reading your novel! Will it scare me? I used to read Stephen King books when I was a teenager – I would have to throw the book across the room when I finished reading so that it wouldn’t somehow attack me. I would lie in my bed but try not to seem too realistically dead, so as to not invite death. I wouldn’t sleep a wink.

  5. My very special night at Maiden Minnesota « Is that funny? Says:

    […] But who’s that in the bathroom with you, Fran? Well, silly, that’s my bathroom friend! […]

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