Our biggest custom customer: Trader Joe’s

The Trader Joe’s Card Chick called and asked us to do some custom work for them. I was like, “get in line lady, it’s not like Consumer Reports ranked Trader Joe’s the second-best supermarket chain in the nation.” And she was like, “yeah, they did.” And I was like, “I knew that, I was just testing you.” Even without my lucky historical period costume we were able to produce some winners. (My teacher used to say, “we are all winners when we don’t use drugs” but I think she was using the word ‘we’ in the royal sense). We gave nine cards to The Card Chick, she selected three to show to TJ’s and TJ’s is going to produce all three. They will be in the stores in March. They’ll be offset printing them, I feel good about that because I’m sure that Jen and I would be fingerless if we had to hand feed 80,000 cards into the jaws of The Beast.


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5 Responses to “Our biggest custom customer: Trader Joe’s”

  1. Becoming Brooklyn Says:

    Do you write the copy? Like, did you have these sitting around, and TJ came calling, and you sent over a few you thought they’d like? If not, did TJ provide the text in, like a Word document? If so, is it really somebody’s job to buy copy from a freelance writer and email it to a freelance designer, all the live long day? Or do they set up a chat between you and the writer, like a professional blind date?

  2. zeichenpress Says:

    You are so full of questions, Becoming Brooklyn! So here’s how it went down: TJ’s Card Chick saw my cards in a shop, she called and asked me to do some custom work for TJ’s. I wrote the lines, did the layouts, and pulled the proofs. Actually Jen pulled the proofs, she loves danger. Three days of work. But yes, in a different circumstance a freelance writer could be set-up with an art director/designer to get a project done. Very, very romantic.

  3. Becoming Brooklyn Says:

    All my questions have been answered! Joy!

  4. kevin Says:

    your blog is hilarious ! Im pleased i found it. How did i find it ?
    Well.. i was researching Trader Joes, after a licensing agent said they’d like to present some of my card designs to Tj’s .. a company i have to sadly admit, i knew nothing about. Little did i realize TJ’s is an american institution of national importance to the economy and to the every day functioning of everyday Americans everywhere in the USA. But i can be forgiven my ignorance, since i live in the land down under. Heck we don’t even operate in the same day, let alone the same time zone!
    Anyways i just wanted to say hi and thanks for the humor. If trader Joe’s has funny cards like yours, they have my tick ! .

  5. zeichenpress Says:

    Kevin! Thanks for the note– Someday I’d like to visit this so-called land down under. My familiarity ends with a Men At Work song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNT7uZf7lew
    and a popular suburban restaurant: https://zeichenpress.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/david-hasselhoff-jerry-lewis-zeichen-press/
    Please send me an artifact (Foster’s).

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