Design and letterpress for dummies.

I’m the dummy, not you. Or maybe you are? Only you can answer that. So, here we are. One, possibly two, dummies. Maybe you are interested in design, or letterpress, or both. Maybe you like funny things. My studio (Zeichen Press) does all (not all) it can to combine design, letterpress, and funny. We happen to have cornered the market on that little tripartite. As if teaching myself to use tons of antiquated letterpress equipment isn’t geeky enough, I’ll also drop annoying words like, “tripartite” and “antiquated”. Even that phrase, “cornered the market” should be erased. Too late, I said it, it’s done, I refuse to censor myself. Hence the divorce. I’m kidding. I’m separated. I’m not separated, I’m happily married to a separatist. Did I say separatist? I meant, Septembrist.


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3 Responses to “Design and letterpress for dummies.”

  1. Justin Miller Says:

    Sepratist! 🙂

    I (and maybe the FBI) will be watching you.

  2. pands Says:

    Hey, marvy. Like your stuff. Why are people who live in the midwest so frickin’ funny?
    Riddle me that, Riddler.

  3. zeichenpress Says:

    Our winter consists of weeks of 30° below zero. If we weren’t able to laugh at how ridiculous that is we’d just have to kill ourselves.

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